We recently started working with a great local employer.  During the open enrollment, I had the chance to chat with several of the employees, and I was struck by the number of employees who have worked there for more than 20 years.  In fact, I’ve never met an employer with such a disproportionate number of 20+ year employees.  I asked a few of them why they stayed so long.  The answers were simple, but telling.  Here’s what I heard:

  • “They are really good to us here.”
  • “The president is a great guy.”
  • “The pay is good.”
  • “I like my job.”
  • “I really believe in what we’re doing here.  I think it matters.”
  • “I like the people I work with.”
  • “The benefits here are great.”

Probably the most common thing I heard was that the employees had a lot of paid vacation time.  Turns out the company that already had a great paid time off policy had just enhanced it…for those employees with more than 20 years of service.  I thought that was pretty cool.

We’ve all probably read countless articles about the reasons employees stay with an employer, and many of those have common themes:  great culture, great leadership, feeling appreciated, meaningful work, and yes, a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that incorporates a sufficient amount of paid time off.  All of these themes were represented in this handful of comments.  I suspect if one of the major themes was missing, retention would not be as strong, but this employer clearly has it figured out.

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