The Power of the Handwritten Note

My team and I spend a fair amount of time assisting insurance claimants when there are issues or disputes.  We recently had a situation where an employee, Betty (not her real name) was denied short term disability (STD) benefits because she had been using her accumulated sick time and collecting 100% of her pay during what she thought was her elimination period before STD benefits would start.  We discussed this scenario in a previous post: Employer Generosity, and it definitely creates some issues.

The happy ending with this claim was that we were eventually able to get her claim paid, and she was apparently very appreciative.  I’ve never met or spoken to Betty because I was dealing with the company’s Executive Director about the issue.  A handwritten thank you note arrived in our mailbox on Friday, and it made my day.  An excerpt:  “Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness in helping me receive short term disability.  I will never forget you!”

I got to thinking how powerful this was.  Betty could have sent an email, but I don’t think it would have been the same.  The fact that she took the time to go out, purchase a card, write a quick note, and pop it in the mail made the message a lot stronger.

Peter Diamandis, a physician, engineer, uber entrepreneur, and author of Bold and Abundance talks about finding the “Massively Transformative Purpose” (MTP) for your business.  I’ve not given a lot of thought to developing an MTP, but helping people like Betty is a great place to start.

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