Benefits Communications Strategies

At MillBrook Benefits, we help employers communicate the value of their benefits plans, and we help employees understand them better.

Your company spends an incredible amount of money on benefits plans each year. But they are often underappreciated or misunderstood by your employees. To alleviate these issues, we’ve come up with several strategies for communicating the value of these plans to your staff.

How We Help

Clear and direct communication is key. When it comes to benefits plans, it is critical that you have the ability to show your employees the value of their compensation package, simply and professionally.

Online Enrollment Systems

The more information available to your employees online, the better. Our online enrollment systems make it easy to sign up for benefit plans each year, and offer employees 24/7 access to their benefit plan information once enrolled.

Going further, we not only provide the online enrollment system, we can also receive and transfer new hire and employee termination data to the various insurance companies. This service will streamline your process, saving you time, money, and energy.

We're Grateful for Lisa

  • MillBrook Benefits helped us implement Employee Navigator to facilitate our benefits process. We have found this program to be extremely helpful during our open enrollment, and it also helps us manage changes over the course of the year. We have a distributed workforce and several locations, so this online system works well for those employees who cannot attend open enrollment meetings or easily stop by to see HR. All of our employees appreciate having less paperwork to fill out and easy access to information about their benefits. MillBrook has become a real partner for us, since they monitor changes and enrollments on their end and get the information to the benefits providers quickly and easily. As a small-to-medium sized company without other HRIS, I am very grateful to have access to this system.

    Lisa Dufour Human Resources Manager, Center for EcoTechnology Northampton, Massachusetts

Benefits Booklet

We can help to improve how your benefits package is presented to your employees. We’ll produce a benefits booklet that provides everything they’ll need or want to know about the different benefits plans you offer.

  • I had been dreaming about a Notch Employee Benefits Booklet for years. MillBrook made it happen, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end product.

    Sharon Orr Notch Mechanical Constructors

The professionally bound and printed document includes benefits information regarding health, dental, life insurance, disability plans, voluntary benefits, holiday schedules, and paid time off. The booklets can be further customized to include other benefit such as holiday parties, tuition reimbursement, etc.

Total Compensation Statements

It’s not always clear to employees that their total compensation is worth much more than just their salary. Professionally printed and in color, our total compensation statements give your employees the bigger picture, showing their annual salary plus the cost of their benefits.

Benefits Fairs

You may want to add a benefits fair to your open enrollment season. The MillBrook staff will plan and organize the event, schedule the attendance of the company representatives, provide raffle prizes and employee giveaway items, and attend the fair in person to answer employee questions.

The MillBrook Benefits Hotline

The MillBrook Benefits Hotline provides employees and their family members with direct access to MillBrook’s consultants when they have service issues, claims issues, or questions. Employees can call or email their questions and receive prompt, professional attention. The Hotline has another advantage – it saves time for business owners and busy HR professionals.

Work with MillBrook

When you work with MillBrook, you get a team of specialists – professionals who have been working on creating solutions to the challenges you face for decades. Not only will you feel confident as you present benefits plans to your employees, you can rest assured that we’re here for you throughout the plan year. We provide the back office support that you and your employees need to make everything work, and work well.

We will tailor our solutions to your unique challenges

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