Professional Thanksgiving

It was so nice to be off for a few days last week to celebrate, in my opinion, the best holiday going.  Family, great food, football (with a bit of college hoops mixed in on commercials), and something new this year, good friends…it doesn’t get any better.

I got back to the office on Monday geared up for the final nutty push through “year end.”  The last few days have been crazy busy.  In the office before 7:00, working late, and awake at all hours of the night and early morning thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done.

But if I take a step back from the madness for a minute and reflect on all of the things we are thankful for from a business perspective, I start thinking that maybe we need another holiday.  We could call it Professional Thanksgiving.  I’m going to give this some more thought, but in the meantime, here’s some things I’m “professionally thankful” for:

  • The finest employee benefits team around…a group that is intelligent, empathetic, friendly, and willing to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.  A team that’s been with us on average for 11 years, who work late, pinch hit for me at enrollments when I’m buried with another project, and who can fix my computer with their mere presence and a click of the mouse.
  • Our wonderful clients…many of whom have been with us since the beginning.  Clients who have become friends, who truly appreciate the value we deliver, and whose conversations we look forward to because we know only 25% will be about business, and 75% will be about family and other common interests.
  • Our insurance company and administrative support partners who are definitely partners, not “vendors.”
  • Our other professional friends, networking partners, and service providers.

Thanks to all of you!

PS – Do you think it’s too late to eat that last piece of apple pie in the fridge?



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