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[chmintro_text el_class=”intro”]Our Complete Benefits Management service (CBM) gives employers the ability to outsource the administration and management of their benefits plan.[/chmintro_text]

Many employers don’t have an HR person on site. Or perhaps they do, but they’re searching for ways to outsource benefits administrative tasks in a cost-effective way. Millbrook can help by taking over these tasks, and freeing up time for you and your key employees

What We Offer

We have a wide range of services created specifically to take benefits management off of your already full plate. These services include:

  • Annual on-site employee benefits education and enrollment meetings
  • Audit of group insurance bills
  • Management, collection, and submission of all necessary paperwork to the insurance carriers
  • Payroll deduction report
  • Termination of employees when they leave employment
  • COBRA administration
  • Employee benefits orientation for new hires
  • Legislative compliance audit
  • Ongoing communication of legislative changes
  • Unlimited employee and family member access to MillBrook consultants
  • Total compensation statements for each employee

As a MillBrook client, your employees will also have access to our MillBrook Benefits Hotline. Our team is standing by to answer any and all questions.

Work with MillBrook

Benefits is what we do. We’ll help you save time, stay compliant, and provide your employees with professional, consistent presentations regarding your benefits plans. Whatever your benefits management need, it’s in our wheelhouse, and we’re happy to help.

We can give you back your time

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