Two MS Claims

One of MillBrook’s clients has about 200 employees. In 2014, one employee had to leave work due to a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She collected short term disability and long term disability, but her claim was suspended in 2016. We got the claim reinstated in 2017, restarting the claimant’s monthly benefits checks that allowed her to pay her bills again.

In addition, another employee from the same company was disabled by MS as well. Her initial short term disability claim was denied by the same insurance company.

Both of these employees were left without income to pay their ongoing bills, and they were desperate to get help. Neither one was able to afford an attorney to help them solve the problem.

Recognizing the urgency with each claimant, Pete and Cheryl jumped right in. They obtained HIPAA authorizations so they could speak with the attending physicians. They met multiple times with each claimant to get a better understanding of their conditions. They reached out to HR to get job descriptions for each, then they spoke to the doctors to understand the medical and physical reasons why they couldn’t do their jobs anymore.

After several hours of laying the groundwork, Pete and Cheryl wrote the appeals letters for the claimants, supporting the appeal with medical records, the job descriptions, and a detailed accounting of the physical limitations of the claimants.

In the end, both employees had their claims approved, and the disability income checks started to arrive, ensuring that they could buy groceries and other necessities and pay their bills again. “I don’t know what I would have done without their help,” one of the employees reports.

These are two examples of many similar situations. Some of those are disability claims, but MillBrook has had similar successes with health, dental, and accidental injury claims as well. Nobody is going to to work harder for your employees when they need help than the team at MillBrook Benefits.

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