King and Cushman Insurance Agency

When their office manager retired, Cheryl and Scott King needed help. They didn’t feel they had enough work to replace her, but they wanted to find some way to manage some of her tasks, including the management of their employee benefits plan.

At a routine service meeting, Pete met with Cheryl and Scott, who explained their dilemma. They had no idea how to manage their benefits package, and they really didn’t want to learn. They had a couple of new hires that hadn’t been added to plans yet, they had no idea if the bills were accurate, they didn’t know how to remove terminated employees from bills and offer COBRA, and they weren’t sure that they were distributing all of the necessary compliance-related paperwork to employees.

Pete suggested they consider MillBrook’s Complete Benefits Management Program. With this program, MillBrook takes over the management of the entire benefits program, offering a complete outsourcing solution.

Scott and Cheryl took Pete up on his offer, and they couldn’t be more pleased. They can focus their energy on growing their business, knowing that their benefits package is being professionally managed.

“I’m really glad MillBrook was able to take over our benefits administration,” said Cheryl. “I feel like we’re in a much better place from a compliance perspective, and our employees definitely have a higher level of appreciation and understanding of our plans. This CBM Program is fantastic.”

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