Notch Mechanical Constructors

Notch Mechanical Constructors is a growing company that specializes in the installation of process and utility piping systems for industrial and institutional facilities in Southern New England. Located in Chicopee, Notch’s employee benefits program was handled by one of the larger firms in the area. Sharon Orr, one of the owners, was reasonably pleased with her existing advisor, but she felt that she needed more. She was looking for more personalized service, more creative ideas, and a more professional benefits communication strategy for her employees.

The team from MillBrook spent a lot of time with Sharon, demonstrating how they could help Sharon achieve all of her goals. They talked at length about the best ways to communicate the benefits package to employees, and they decided that a professionally printed document that highlighted all of the employee benefits, holidays, PTO, and other perks would be the right solution.

Sharon hired MillBrook in 2014, and the first order of business was the production of the benefits booklet for Notch’s next open enrollment. MillBrook completed the project, and the booklet looked great. For the first time, Sharon’s employees had one document that covered every part of their benefits package, and it gave them a much better understanding and appreciation of all that Notch provides for them.

Here’s what Sharon has to say:

We had a previous broker, very nice people, who helped us in many ways, but overall they were not able to provide for me enough of the back end support. MillBrook did that.

We changed to MillBrook for some very specific reasons:

  • I needed more support for my broker dollars, including real administrative assistance in document preparation and open enrollment transition activities.
  • I needed someone else to be the benefits specialist because I don’t know what I don’t know.
  • I wanted to present a more finished and polished package to my people to help me present the best products and image for my company.

Since changing to MillBrook Benefits, the team has been proactive, informative, and valuable in helping me get the job done. I had been dreaming about a Notch Employee Benefits Booklet for years and been told several times that we could get it done, with no results. In MillBrook’s first year with us, they made it happen, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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