Health Care vs Health Insurance

Even though the words healthcare and health insurance are often used interchangeably, they mean completely different things.  From, here are the definitions:

Healthcare:  the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind

Health Insurance:  insurance that compensates the insured for expenses or losses incurred for medical reasons, as through illness or hospitalization

We all know that the cost for health insurance keeps going up.  It’s a huge issue for employers, employees, and our country as a whole.  However, as an attorney friend once said to me, “Words matter.”  If we confuse the words, we confuse the issue.

What most people really want is better and more affordable health care, not better health insurance.  What if there was a way to provide better healthcare…healthcare that produces better outcomes at a lower (sometimes by 20% to 30%) cost?  What if there was a way to design plans that employees like better, with really low or $0 co-payments and deductibles when they make good health decisions?  What if there was a way to build health care benefits that are sustainable for employers into the future that allows them to free up dollars for investment in their businesses, employees, and their community?

The good news is that these solutions already exist, and they’re being implemented by forward thinking employers around the country.  Admittedly, these ideas don’t work for everyone, but they are compelling enough to consider for many employers.

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