About MillBrook Benefits

Today, employers are faced with a wide range of problems. Health and benefits costs are rising and becoming increasingly complex. Legislative and compliance requirements are constantly changing. Employees often lack engagement, and for some firms, turnover is a real concern.

As the employee benefits landscape changes, we’re more passionate than ever about the work we do. Our mission is to help our clients solve these problems, and more.

Focused on Results

We help employers design, implement, and manage employee benefits and other programs, to help them improve their business, and become an Employer of Choice.

We’ll help you build and manage a benefits package that meets your unique business goals and provides your employees with the best coverage for themselves and their families.

We specialize in a wide range of employee benefits and services including:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Voluntary and supplemental benefits
  • Executive benefits
  • Claims resolution
  • Compliance support
  • Creative communication strategies including on-line benefits enrollment
  • Benefits administration outsourcing
  • Strategic planning
  • Individual employee consultations

We take time to understand each client’s goals, and we create customized solutions to drive results. Our tools include a suite of unique processes, a fabulous team, and 100+ years of combined experience.

The Common Scenario

Does this sound familiar? Your broker shows up once per year, a little late for comfort, and you’re forced to rush your decision and enrollment. You have piles of papers to pass out, no cohesive enrollment and communication strategy, and very little help. Because of the hassle, the process becomes something you dread doing each year.

From a compliance perspective, you wonder whether your bases are covered, but you realize you don’t know what you don’t know. Your employees leave the process frustrated, with nothing more than a basic understanding of the process, and little or no appreciation for the plans.

You’re not alone; this is a common scenario. There has to be a better way, right? And there is. We call it the MillBrook Difference.

The MillBrook Difference

Our process begins well in advance, and it is customized to fit your business and your goals. Our team will help you articulate an Employee Benefits Philosophy Statement that will act as a guidepost for the entire process. We’ll then make a plan to help you achieve your unique goals and execute that plan throughout the year

With MillBrook, you can expect us to:

  • Outline and manage a timeline for your renewal
  • Provide pricing, recommendations, and creative solutions well in advance, so you can make thoughtful decisions
  • Provide and manage a professionally designed enrollment, education, and communication strategy, allowing enough time for employees to evaluate their options
  • Offer individual consultations to your employees to help them make the best decisions for their families
  • Save you time by helping your employees resolve claims issues
  • Save you time with one of our benefits administration platforms
  • Help you manage the legislative and compliance requirements of your plans
  • Help your employees understand and appreciate their benefits
  • Drive the perception that your company is an Employer of Choice

These are just a few examples of The MillBrook Difference, and our clients love it.

Meet the Team

One of the greatest differences you’ll find when working with MillBrook is our dedicated and experienced staff.

We’re not your average benefits company

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